Friday, October 18, 2013

Aix-en-Provence, our home base for two full weeks, WHAT a treat!

Our last trip to Provence was in 2000, and we'd been eager to return for 13 years.
It finally happened in late September, early October, 2013. The best part was we were able to share the joy with long-time traveling companion, Rene, with son Will, and with English friends, Wendy and Graham.

Rene enjoys breakfast at Les Deux Garcons on the Cours Mirabeau (where Cezanne & Zola used to meet for coffee!)

view from the living room of our house on Avenue De La Butte Des Tres Moulins,
up the hill from the center of Aix 

Rene sweeps up while Louie enjoys the pool.

the two chefs

Wendy takes her ease

Will, Graham, and Louie

Graham and Tigrou,
the next door cat who visited us regularly 
Strolling along the famous Cours Mirabeau with its plane tree canopy and many fountains

Scottie & Rene at Deux Garcons dinner

Louie & Wendy

Wendy & Will
Jas de Bouffan, Cezanne's birthplace/family home in Aix. Wendy, Rene, Scottie, Graham 

Rene & Wendy - the house was closed for the season, but the grounds were delightful.
FYI. Cezanne could see Mont Ste. Victoire in the distance to the east and it became one of his most frequent subjects. See below. 

Wendy & Graham at Jas de Bouffan estate
Louie LOVES those roasted chickens with bacon at the market!

seafood at the Aix street market (Tues., Thurs., & Sat.)

Aix flower market 

Louie also loves the sausages, garlic, and mushrooms
Rene, Graham, Scottie, Wendy at dusk near Mont Ste. Victoire east of Aix

Scottie at Santon factory in Aix
Santon are painted, clay figurines often used in nativity scenes. We brought home small santons of chefs!

Louie and Scottie pay homage at the Rue Cardinale house where famed author M.F.K. Fisher lived. 

Cezanne's grave in Le Cimetière Saint-Pierre

Louie and Rene try to get a picture that shows Mont Ste. Victoire in the distance

If you look VERY closely beyond the wrought iron curls, you can see the mountain.

Along Cours Mirabeau at night

La Rotonde at one end of the Cours Mirabeau

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